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I walked into Derby Farms with a foggy vision 6 months ago and they created the most beautiful flowers I could have asked for. Everything from the centerpieces to my bouquet were perfect. Family and friends are still raving about the flowers. Barbara and her colleagues were a pleasure to work with. Not only do they do fantastic floral arrangements, but they also have an adorable shop in town. Definitely recommended.
— Nichole Cochrane




<—- As my bride and I began to pin (Pinterest) floral ideas it became clear that we were not interested in roses and traditional floral arrangements. The aesthetic we were aiming for could most closely be described as rustic chic. If you’re having a rustic chic wedding I highly recommend working with Derby Farm - although I’m sure they’d also do a great job with traditional arrangements too because they really listen to their clients.
— Robbie Samuels

When I first saw my bouquet I nearly started crying (with happiness). I could not stop looking at it all night. My bridesmaids were equally infatuated with their bouquets, and our table centerpieces got many compliments from my guests throughout the night.

Overall, this was THE best experience I had working with any of my wedding vendors. Highly recommended!
you gals sure did it! incredible.....You caught the vision, you enhanced it and crafted a fairy land for my darling Sasha. your creativity and artistic skill move us so deeply. You have gathered that we have rather measuring eyes for beauty. And you exceeded our hopes.

Flower curtains! Vertical terrariums! A bench in just the right place, little flowers at the base of the directional signs, the perfect pot in the perfect place. I just am simply overwhelmed. and perhaps most remarkable, is that all the beauty you created came to be via invisible hands. It doesn’t look constructed and done up in the slightest. I just can’t express it how Full of gratitude I feel for you climbing on my bandwagon and taking up the reins and galloping towards the wedding in a magnificent finish.

On top of that, you were An utter delight to work with! So open, so enthusiastic, so supportive,. I am speechless at the way you took care of me and allowed me to be fully present for the Magic that unfolded at BarnsEnd.

I can’t wait for the excuse to work with you two again. It was inspiring as well as so much fun.
— Irene Weigel

I had Derby Farm do the flowers for my wedding. They. Rock. So hard! Barbara totally got what I wanted for my wedding. I brought in pictures and told her my colors and my ideas and she perfectly executed the floral arrangements. I was going for a woodsy, Midsummers. Night Dream feel and she added moss to the tables and cool looking vines to the head table. Oh my bouquet! It was just the loveliest. It smelled like lavender and lemon. I was smelling it all night. I cried when we came home from our honeymoon and it had died. She was extremely helpful when I was trying to figure out how to display the little touches I was adding to my tables and didn’t bat an eyelash when I brought in examples of glittered dinosaur toys and snow globes. The florals were honestly one of my top three favorite things from my wedding. Just absolutely beautiful. I wish I had gotten more pictures of them!
— Liz K.

Thank you so much! The bouquets, boutenneires and centerpieces were so unbelievably beautiful - completely perfect in every way, and beyond my wildest expectations. I was so in love with everything that you did! Again, thank you so much for the work you did...gorgeous!!!

There are no words for how beautiful the arrangements Barbara and Marlene put together for my wedding were. Barbara and Marlene are super friendly, thorough and talented. I am very picky when it comes to flower arrangements and they completely blew me away.
They are also very attentive to budget concerns - I had my proposal redone a couple months before my wedding (too many irresistible pinterest inspirations) and when the total balance came out to be above our budget, Barbara called me to discuss options for cutting down the cost without compromising the look of the arrangements.
My husband and I also envisioned getting married under an arch and Derby Farms actually bought a lovely birch arch so that we could rent it out.
Service was impeccable the day of, and the flowers were just perfect.
— Sumin Jang